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Rigging Alice Gale

Alice Gale is rigged for sailing.

untitled shoot-2363-3

Alice Gale



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A two day sail in San Diego Harbor.

Gail and I trailered “Alice Gale” down to San Diego and spent two days sailing out of Shelter Island.


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Building a Birdsmouth Mast, Boom and Yard (Part Two)

Waiting to be launched.

I have completed the build of the Mast, Boom and Yard. I am applying the multi-coat varnish to each and my next task will be to launch the boat long enough to lower the center board so I can finish the center board case top.

Setting up the construction table

I used the mast construction table, shortened to build the boom and yard.

Scarf table

First the staves are cut and scarfed together.   Each stave is cut with a birdmouth and tapered as needed to match the design diameters.  The yard has good taper build in while the boom had no taper.

Clamping the scarfs after gluing

Scarf detail

Good view of the birdsmouth

Planning the staves to similar thickness

Fitting the end plugs

Boom glue up

Boom and yard on the table

Epoxy set and ready for shaping, cap to be added later

Thickened epoxy

Used a hand plane to take off first few cuts

Power shaping the Yard

Taking shape

Almost done

A properly sized diameter form used to check final diameter

Boom and Yard, varnishing

Yard and Boom detail showing reef comb

Detail of ends, showing birdmouth construction


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Trailer and outboard motor

I was expecting to order a custom trailer that was ideal for Alice Gale  (this is our boat’s name for the Ebihen 15).   A few trailer manufacturers provided quotations and it looked like I would be spending upwards of $3500 for a trailer that would be ideal.    For several months I would go online and browse Craig’s list for possible trailers that could be modified.   I also have thought of making my own trailer.   In late October Craig’s list came through with a trailer that was a perfect match for Alice Gale.

Oxidation removed and ready for primer

I had a number of specific needs for the trailer.  The trailer needed a folding tongue, low height, good balance, and solid support for the boat.   This trailer is very unique.  It has a tilt bed, adjustable keel rollers, adjustable axle location for balance, and a very long tongue that allowed me to adjust the overall trailer length to an exact size for my garage space.

Epoxy paint to match hull interior

I shortened the overall length with a folding tongue hinge

Unique roller system collapses to rest keel on blocks (to be added)

Trailer is nearly completed

I am busy now with replacing the trailer springs, lighting,  folding tongue, and adjusting the location and spacing of the winch assembly.  Once this is completed the trailer will be off to temporary storage while I get back to work on the boat.

I scored again yesterday on Craig’s list with an 4HP Mercury outboard motor.

Another Craig's List find


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Turn over day after the hull is finished.

I turned the boat over again to begin work on fitting out the inside of the boat.   The installation of the stakes made a mess of the interior.  Even though I attempted to clean up under the boat during each of the strake board installations, I still managed to leave a mess.   I originally finished the bulkheads to a final undercoating, but I see now that I could have stopped much earlier on bulkhead finishing due to the additional work that is required once the hull is completed.

The turn over was somewhat uneventful.   I drilled a bolt hole through the transom in a location that will be covered by the rudder pintle and installed a eye bolt.  Lifting the boat from the bow ring and the temporary transom eye bolt I was able to turn the boat by hand without additonal help.  An extra hand would be useful in all cases but personally wanted the challenge of doing all the mechanical work without help.   I used a few ropes to limit an out of control weight shift but did not have any issues with the boat wanting to rapidly switch positions during the flip.  I guess caution is in order as it really depends on the location of your bow ring and temporary transom eye bolt.  My positions resulted in a very balanced boat during the turn over.    Be sure to protect the wear points of the hull as the boat is turned, (here two extra hand would have been helpful), as the lifting clamps will shift around the eye bolts and in my case I did mar the finish in two locations and a bit of repaint will be required in these spots.

Cross spalls removed, the true look is revealed.

Crosss spalls have not been removed


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Tools and Shop Utilization

I thought I would include photo’s of some tools and supplies I have been using during  the build of the Ebihen 15.   Here is a slide show (around 15 slides)

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