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Making the boards true

While I did my best to cut the board strakes to a fair curve, I had my moments.  Most of the boards when viewed from the right angle would show less then an ideal curve shape.    To improve the curve to an acceptable look, I placed each board in my work table and planed the curve for a good look.   I also rounded the edges slightly.

Planing the curve

Once each board is attached to the hull, all mounting screws and clamps are removed.   A final fairing coat of epoxy is applied to the joints, and nail holes are filled.   Ends are cut off with a pull saw, and sanding of the board is done .

I left all boards long until after installation

Smoothing out the board, the bilge keel makes a nice bench rest.

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Pillar and Pivot Support

Now  that I am working on the more vertical strakes I am returning the the original designer recommendations for supporting the hull on two pillar and pivot supports.  This allows the boat to be tilted one way or the other to allow a slightly horizontal plane for attachment of the stakes.

Pivot fits the shape of the keel

Location of the bow pillar and pivot

Location of stern pillar and pivot

Once I upgraded my construction jig I proceeded to start attaching the 5th board.   Detail of the bow is shown to highlight how to fair the boards into a single plane.   In my case I cut a 22mm strip from opposing boards, tapering in from 12 inches from the board tip to 1/2 the width of the board.   When the boards are overlaid the two boards have the same thickness at the bow.    I think it is easier to see in the photo then for me to describe.

Fitting board 5

Boards are fitted for a smooth transition.


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Bilge Keels

After installing the 4th board I started and completed the Bilge Keels.   These are made from oak stock.   I first rough cut the compound curves to closely match the shape of the hull then shaped to the finish look.    I attached mine permanently with epoxy and stainless steel screws.  They can also be attached with screws and bedding compound if you want the ability to replace once they wear out.

Rough cut to shape

Finished, epoxy and SS screws attached

Showing the bilge keel installation

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Board 4

Fitting the 4th board and a view looking inside.    Much sanding to be done once the boat is turned again.  It’s a really good idea to get under the boat after each board is installed to clean up as much excess epoxy as possible before it cures.

Fitting board 4

Clean up excess epoxy before it cures.

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Keel Band

After fitting the keel band to the keel I faired the keel to shape.  The bands where removed to be replaced after hull painting.

Shaping keel to match keel band

Detail of Keel Band and Keel fairing

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Working the Planks, False Keel, and shaping the false Stem

Another month has gone by and I have made some progress on the boat.    After installation of the garboards I laminated the aft end where the outboard motor access hole will be cut out.  Not shown is a four inch laminate along the garboard/keel joint.  This was later epoxy filled and faired for a smooth finish.

Later the outboard motor hole will be cut out in this area

Tracing paper after detailed measurements for size and placement

The 3rd strake was added.

Primer added to first two boards and now fitting the 3rd.

The garboard stake has been laminated with a four inch cloth strip and faired to a smooth finish.    Several coats of primer have been applied.

I also have finished out several internal spaces that will be inaccessable once I install another strake board. Using my finish paint for the first time, it reminds me of my childhood days using Revel model enamel.

This interior space will be enclosed after the next board, so finish work was completed

The false keel was fitted prior to the lamination and addition of the 3rd strake board.

Detail of the area to be faired on the centerboard trunk

Counter sunk and attached with stainless steel screws

I made this up to sand the interior of the centerboard trunk

The false stem was also constructed and fitted for later attachment after completion of all boards.

I made the stem out of oak pieces

Epoxy mixed with laminating thickener used, plastic to prevent sticking to bench

Back and forth between the boat and bench during the shaping process

Checking for fit

After the 3rd board was attached and many hours of sanding another coat of primer, I have started work on the brass keel band.

Raw stock, drilled for oval stainless steel screws

Drilled and ready for final alignment and keel fairing to the band.


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