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Trailer modified for shallow boat ramp launching

An extension was welded onto my trailer to allow for shallow water launching.   The high trailer bunks require a rather significant ramp angle to allow for proper launching.   To protect myself from being unable to launch due to a low tide, or low ramp angle at some launch ramps I had an extension bracket welded to the frame.   I found the necessary square tubing at a local metal supplier and bolted on extra trailer tougue.   A quality weld job was done by ABC Welding in Anaheim.   Chuch Williamson went out of his way to do an outstanding job and protect Alice Gale from weld splatter.

Trailer tongue extension

Trailer tongue extension

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“Alice Gale” on the trailer

This week I worked on interior details and getting the boat ready for loading on the trailer.  By Friday she was ready for the move from the garage floor onto the trailer.   I used my garage hoist to lift the bow onto a furniture mover and then a couple of car jacks to lift the transom onto another furniture mover.  This allowed for easy mobility of the boat and I was able to swing the bow around toward the garage door.  Once the boat was aligned with the trailer I used the winch on the trailer to pull “Alice Gale” onto the pads.   The trailer design, a tilting bed trailer, made the transfer easier.   A neighbor helped with keeping the boat steady as she was pulled onto the trailer.  I used the same temporary hull stabilizers on the trailer.  I still need to build a permanent runner system for the hull to stabilize loading and transportation needs.   And finally at last, the big question, will the boat fit as planned into the garage.   Like a glove!   I have just enough room to move behind the transom to the rear door and the width of the trailer just fits through the door opening.

Ready to move

Ready to move onto trailer

View from starboard side

A good vantage point view

Wow, it actually fits


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Trailer and outboard motor

I was expecting to order a custom trailer that was ideal for Alice Gale  (this is our boat’s name for the Ebihen 15).   A few trailer manufacturers provided quotations and it looked like I would be spending upwards of $3500 for a trailer that would be ideal.    For several months I would go online and browse Craig’s list for possible trailers that could be modified.   I also have thought of making my own trailer.   In late October Craig’s list came through with a trailer that was a perfect match for Alice Gale.

Oxidation removed and ready for primer

I had a number of specific needs for the trailer.  The trailer needed a folding tongue, low height, good balance, and solid support for the boat.   This trailer is very unique.  It has a tilt bed, adjustable keel rollers, adjustable axle location for balance, and a very long tongue that allowed me to adjust the overall trailer length to an exact size for my garage space.

Epoxy paint to match hull interior

I shortened the overall length with a folding tongue hinge

Unique roller system collapses to rest keel on blocks (to be added)

Trailer is nearly completed

I am busy now with replacing the trailer springs, lighting,  folding tongue, and adjusting the location and spacing of the winch assembly.  Once this is completed the trailer will be off to temporary storage while I get back to work on the boat.

I scored again yesterday on Craig’s list with an 4HP Mercury outboard motor.

Another Craig's List find


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