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Interior work

I am currently working on the interior of the boat while it is easily accessable.    I am fitting the deck planks and have starting using another new tool for me.   The jointer/planer is now getting some use as I square up the deck planks for a good fit.

Fitting the deck boards

I will be finishing the deck clear coated and wanted a light colored wood for the deck and seats.   I picked ash over the recommended choices of pine, mahogony, or douglas fir.  I like the grain and color of this wood.   It is heavier then these options, much closer to oak then pine for example.  I hope it is not a poor choice because of weight, but if I get more low weight stability with this choice I would not be un-happy.   Ash also would be a poor choice for frames or in other areas where water would accumulate due to lower resistence to rot, but my deck and seats have a lot of air space below so I don’t think this will be a problem for a boat stored on a trailer in the garage.

I also ordered and picked up my steel centerboard.   (still in my car trunk @ 90 lbs, photo later)  It has been CNC cut to the outside diameter and hot dipped galvanized.  I will still need to fair the leading edge and drill a few holes for hoisting points.    I am planning to  finish the centerboard off with a coating of graphite/epoxy.

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More construction photo’s

This past week has been fun and rewarding.  Work is progressing at an enjoyable rate and I can now see the shape of the boat in 3D.    Your never sure of a design from photographs or drawings until you get a good look at the real deal.    I am very happy with the design of the boat and feel I made a good decision to build the Ebihen 15.

I have completed the assembly of the hull structure with all parts now glued with epoxy.   I verified alignment for each bulkhead as they were glued.   The transom assembly along with the motor well, side seat bulkheads, and locker floorboards have been attached.    I am now working on installing the cockpit floorboards and prep work for my first coat of interior primer.    I will complete as much of the interior work as possible before flipping the boat over for planking.

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Transom dry fitted, first look at complete boat structure

The past week has been productive!    I have been able to do a fair amount of detail work that will not show particularly well in these photo’s but I am very pleased with my progress.    Today I was able to place the transom assembly in it’s proper position and can finally see the complete lines of the boat.   The photo still shows alignment issues but this is because nothing has been epoxied.      The frames are loosely setting in the backbone assembly waiting for more detail work before alignment and epoxy glue.

First view of Ebihen with transom frames in position on backbone.

Here are some of the detail photo’s showing progress that has been made.

Working on the transom bevel. Lots of work to make the correct angle.

The Transom was too heavy to lift, so I dragged the assembly table over to the boat and used a car jack to raise into position.

Cutting Seat rails

Attaching rails to bulkhead 4

Adding 3mm strips of Mahogany to the plywood edges of frames.


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