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Rigging Alice Gale

Alice Gale is rigged for sailing.

untitled shoot-2363-3

Alice Gale



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A two day sail in San Diego Harbor.

Gail and I trailered “Alice Gale” down to San Diego and spent two days sailing out of Shelter Island.


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Shroud Chain Plate

I am working on the many small but time consuming details on ‘Alice Gale’.     The Chain Plates have been installed on the gunwale.   I used a Dremel tool to router out the through hole.

Router and files used to shape chain plate through hole

Testing for fit. A bit larger hole required.


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Floorboard installation

Last year I cut and  sealed the floorboards.  This week I drilled and dry fitted all the boards into the boat.

I used tile spacers



New boards cut to fit hull

Finger holes cut in removable boards

I also drilled and fitted the seats.

Counter sunk screw holes to be plugged


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Finish wood work on Gunwale

I have finished the final wood construction of the gunwale.  The lower ceiling pieces have been added around the deck areas.   As specified in the plans I added backing chocks on the forward deck.

support blocking added under gunwale

Last gunwale piece

filling low spots with wood filler

Sealed deck also, but soon to be canvas covered

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Trailer and outboard motor

I was expecting to order a custom trailer that was ideal for Alice Gale  (this is our boat’s name for the Ebihen 15).   A few trailer manufacturers provided quotations and it looked like I would be spending upwards of $3500 for a trailer that would be ideal.    For several months I would go online and browse Craig’s list for possible trailers that could be modified.   I also have thought of making my own trailer.   In late October Craig’s list came through with a trailer that was a perfect match for Alice Gale.

Oxidation removed and ready for primer

I had a number of specific needs for the trailer.  The trailer needed a folding tongue, low height, good balance, and solid support for the boat.   This trailer is very unique.  It has a tilt bed, adjustable keel rollers, adjustable axle location for balance, and a very long tongue that allowed me to adjust the overall trailer length to an exact size for my garage space.

Epoxy paint to match hull interior

I shortened the overall length with a folding tongue hinge

Unique roller system collapses to rest keel on blocks (to be added)

Trailer is nearly completed

I am busy now with replacing the trailer springs, lighting,  folding tongue, and adjusting the location and spacing of the winch assembly.  Once this is completed the trailer will be off to temporary storage while I get back to work on the boat.

I scored again yesterday on Craig’s list with an 4HP Mercury outboard motor.

Another Craig's List find


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