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“Alice Gale” on the trailer

This week I worked on interior details and getting the boat ready for loading on the trailer.  By Friday she was ready for the move from the garage floor onto the trailer.   I used my garage hoist to lift the bow onto a furniture mover and then a couple of car jacks to lift the transom onto another furniture mover.  This allowed for easy mobility of the boat and I was able to swing the bow around toward the garage door.  Once the boat was aligned with the trailer I used the winch on the trailer to pull “Alice Gale” onto the pads.   The trailer design, a tilting bed trailer, made the transfer easier.   A neighbor helped with keeping the boat steady as she was pulled onto the trailer.  I used the same temporary hull stabilizers on the trailer.  I still need to build a permanent runner system for the hull to stabilize loading and transportation needs.   And finally at last, the big question, will the boat fit as planned into the garage.   Like a glove!   I have just enough room to move behind the transom to the rear door and the width of the trailer just fits through the door opening.

Ready to move

Ready to move onto trailer

View from starboard side

A good vantage point view

Wow, it actually fits


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Floorboards, Fairleads, Locker Doors, and Trim

Here are few more build photo’s from the past month.   I have been working toward finishing the interior of “Alice Gale” for months now.  I think she will be on the trailer within a few weeks.

A fresh coat of UV sealer

Alignment check

The bronze fairleads that I purchased from Classic Marine did not match up cleanly with my round oak rub rail so I needed to fair the rail to fit the fairlead.

Fitting the Fairlead

Rub-rail trimmed to match fairlead shape.

With the canvas deck cover I need to protect the area of the mast partner.  This area will have a few holes drilled for belaying pins, so I cut out a cover from oak.  This will match the color of the gunwale rub-rail when varnished.  Also shown in these photo’s is the forward deck trim.

Oak mast partner cover over canvas

Dry fitting, to be matched to completed mast.

A bit of fairing and filler and it's done

I made my locker door handles out out extra mahogany stock.

Roughing out the door handles

I also added a few new low cost power tools to ease the final building details.

A needed router for my trim work

Table top sander, good for small part shaping

Adding a round curve to trim

Guide fence added to band saw for cutting width of trim

Adding the hardware

fitting of locker doors

View of forward locker

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Bilge pump

I decided to install an electric bilge pump.   Following my typical process, I researched on line what was available.  I found several options for both a manual or electric pumps.   The manual pump was the leading choice for many months, as it makes more sense on a small sail boat.   But… I wanted again to challenge myself with some complexity and also thought if I was busy with the sailing on a day with spray breaking over the bow then an automatic bilge pump might be a good idea too.

Dry fitting of all the parts

Finding the location for battery

Construction of battery box

Cutting the hole for the bilge drain

Installed box and hole cut for 'mains' switch

How electrical install can be messy

Finished installation

Location inside starboard under seat storage compartment

Install location for bilge pump


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