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Turn over day after the hull is finished.

I turned the boat over again to begin work on fitting out the inside of the boat.   The installation of the stakes made a mess of the interior.  Even though I attempted to clean up under the boat during each of the strake board installations, I still managed to leave a mess.   I originally finished the bulkheads to a final undercoating, but I see now that I could have stopped much earlier on bulkhead finishing due to the additional work that is required once the hull is completed.

The turn over was somewhat uneventful.   I drilled a bolt hole through the transom in a location that will be covered by the rudder pintle and installed a eye bolt.  Lifting the boat from the bow ring and the temporary transom eye bolt I was able to turn the boat by hand without additonal help.  An extra hand would be useful in all cases but personally wanted the challenge of doing all the mechanical work without help.   I used a few ropes to limit an out of control weight shift but did not have any issues with the boat wanting to rapidly switch positions during the flip.  I guess caution is in order as it really depends on the location of your bow ring and temporary transom eye bolt.  My positions resulted in a very balanced boat during the turn over.    Be sure to protect the wear points of the hull as the boat is turned, (here two extra hand would have been helpful), as the lifting clamps will shift around the eye bolts and in my case I did mar the finish in two locations and a bit of repaint will be required in these spots.

Cross spalls removed, the true look is revealed.

Crosss spalls have not been removed


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Keel Band and Hull Photo details

Here are photo’s of the finished hull with close up views of the keel band, the stem bolt ring, and closeup views of the hull.

Forward view of keelband and painted hull

Sheer strake view

Strake details

View of strakes and transom detail

I did not follow design in this area. I wanted a solidly mounted hook to the stem andkeel.

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Hull Paint

After another week of sanding I have painted the Ebihen 15.    I used an HVLP sprayer that I purchased on line from WoodCraft the Earlex HVLP Spray Station.  I can highly recommend this sprayer.  It worked to perfection within my inexperienced hands.   My first coat was put on too thick and I got a few runs, but after cleaning up and starting over again I was able to put on pretty good coats of paint.  I used about a quart and a 1/4 for the hull, thinned about 25%.  Coverage is good, and it is setting up well.  The System Three WR-LPU paint is easy to use and the results are good.   I don’t expect to have a high gloss finish, preferring a satin sheen.

Rudder work in foreground. Finished hull ready for turn over

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