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Setting Sail

Time for some driveway sailing.    I stepped the mast for the first time and set the sails in the driveway.   A few adjustments and “Alice Gale” will be ready for launch.

Mast stepped

Jib and Main set

Aft view

Balanced lug, with jib.

We took “Alice Gale” down to the water to get the centerboard set into its proper location.  Might as well take a quick sail while we’re at it.   Our official launch party is a few weeks away.

Stan and Alice Gale, ready for launch

First (pre) Launch, dropping the center board.


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Trailer modified for shallow boat ramp launching

An extension was welded onto my trailer to allow for shallow water launching.   The high trailer bunks require a rather significant ramp angle to allow for proper launching.   To protect myself from being unable to launch due to a low tide, or low ramp angle at some launch ramps I had an extension bracket welded to the frame.   I found the necessary square tubing at a local metal supplier and bolted on extra trailer tougue.   A quality weld job was done by ABC Welding in Anaheim.   Chuch Williamson went out of his way to do an outstanding job and protect Alice Gale from weld splatter.

Trailer tongue extension

Trailer tongue extension

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A laminated mast guide

I needed a method of safely dipping the mast under the Pacific Coast Highway bridge over Newport Back Bay. Alice Gale’s designer Francois Vivier provided a drawing for my modified ‘Balanced Lug Sail’ plan with a detail for a laminated mast guide.  I used mahogany cut into 2-4 mm strips.  These strips where bent into shape and epoxy glued.  After the epoxy set I shaped each guide on the bandsaw and then sanded to final shape.   The top of each guide is dowel jointed to the mast partner and the lower guide is screwed to the center board with a center brace epoxy glued. The guide was bright finished with varnish.

Centerboard and mast guide view

Building the laminated mast guide

Shaping the mast guide

Varnished Mast Guide

Mast guide detail, dowels used to pin to mast partner

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Building a Birdsmouth Mast, Boom and Yard (Part Two)

Waiting to be launched.

I have completed the build of the Mast, Boom and Yard. I am applying the multi-coat varnish to each and my next task will be to launch the boat long enough to lower the center board so I can finish the center board case top.

Setting up the construction table

I used the mast construction table, shortened to build the boom and yard.

Scarf table

First the staves are cut and scarfed together.   Each stave is cut with a birdmouth and tapered as needed to match the design diameters.  The yard has good taper build in while the boom had no taper.

Clamping the scarfs after gluing

Scarf detail

Good view of the birdsmouth

Planning the staves to similar thickness

Fitting the end plugs

Boom glue up

Boom and yard on the table

Epoxy set and ready for shaping, cap to be added later

Thickened epoxy

Used a hand plane to take off first few cuts

Power shaping the Yard

Taking shape

Almost done

A properly sized diameter form used to check final diameter

Boom and Yard, varnishing

Yard and Boom detail showing reef comb

Detail of ends, showing birdmouth construction


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