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Lake Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention and a Hole in Alice Gale

We had a great time attending the Lake Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention.   I was mad for 15 minutes, but got over it as the sailing was just fantastic. We couldn’t stay for the entire week, so we only attended the first three days.  Here are a few pictures we got of the event.


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Taking Alice Gale to the Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention

Gail and I are looking forward to attending the Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention Feb 12 through Feb 19.   We will be trailering Alice Gale to Lake Havasu to sail with 192 other boats.  We should have a great time. I will post a number of photo’s when we return.   Hopefully I should have some good shots of Alice Gale under sail.

I have enjoyed the web site of Dylan Winters, “Keep Turning Left“.    Please visit his site as you will really enjoy his sailing videos.    One of his recent projects was to build a “Duck Punt” in about seven days.  This inspired me to build my own duck punt for use on the Colorado River.  You can visit my new building blog.  This boat took me about a month to build.

Sailing the Duck Punt


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