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Interior Primer

My plan is to leave the Gunwale finish clear so before installation I masked off the interior for several coats of primer.

Masking off for Interior paint primer

Masking off interior

Second coat of Interior primer

Masking removed, 3rd coat of primer

Forward view, masking removed

Forward view


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Beam-Shelf and Bowsprit Shaping

The beam shelf was cut and fitted for the boat, doubled in width at the location of the Thwart (seat).   The Bowsprit was further shaped with several hours of hand sanding.

More sanding using 80 grit glued to a cut West Systems filler container

Beam-shelf and Bowsprit almost ready for finish



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Bowsprit and Bitt

I am bouncing back and forth between various building tasks now that I am nearing the last few dozen steps.   The bowsprit has been shaped to approximate dimensions and the Bitt has been installed in the boat prior to priming.   A few extra photo’s showing how I cut the hole for the bowsprit.  Not complicated but I had the photo’s.     I also like to occasionally put parts together to see how the boat will look before needed to.   In this first photo I have the floorboards and partially completed seats showing in the background.   I remove these and return to safe storage as I progress towards the interior prep and painting.

More shaping needed, but progress has been made.

Bitt ready for installation

Marking the location for the Bowsprit bitt

Drilling the pilot hole for the jigsaw

Making the cut, .. black spots are graphite paint spills, not rot :<)

Bitt installed, Bowsprit in approximate location.

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Forward Locker

This week I worked on a number of detail items, starting with the Locker Hatch Door and slides.

Laying out door tracks and screw hole alignment

Mounting locker door slide rails

Slide rails will be left bright, and the door hatch will be painted.

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Decking Details

I have completed the outboard motor well, all enclosed volumes filled with foam.

Sealing the aft floatation compartments

The bow decking has been sealed over the foam fill and the mast thwart has been cut and installed.    I also started to build the Bowspirt using scarfed 2/4 douglas fir.

Clamping oak mast thwart to fore deck

Bowsprit bitt, bowsprit, and fore deck.

Building up the bowsprit from douglas fir 2/4

I played around with the previously completed floorboards to get an idea how the boat may look when completed.     You can also see the completed aft decking and the initial fitting of the side seats.

Jumping ahead to see what she may look like finished.

As always, more sanding!


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