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Gunwale construction

The gunwale on the Ebihen 15 is built up from 5 separate pieces of wood.   I selected Sapele Mahogany and Oak for the gunwale.      I did not use full length  pieces and simply joined together each piece on the boat without scarfing as I built up the gunwale.   If you are painting, this is a pretty easy way and joints will not show with good filler and smooth sanding.  I am planning still to leave my gunwale bright (no paint), so I did the best fitting I could with each of the joints and so far I am pleased with how the gunwale is looking.   Close inspection will show the epoxy joints and a purist will probably be disappointed, but  I am more pleased then expected and the construction is still up to my hoped for standards.

First layer being fitted

You will need a lot of clamps

First layer for the starboard bow.

Second layer of the gunwale

Second layer clamped

Inner Gunwale

Gunwale oak rubbing-strake

Ready for sanding


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