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A laminated mast guide

I needed a method of safely dipping the mast under the Pacific Coast Highway bridge over Newport Back Bay. Alice Gale’s designer Francois Vivier provided a drawing for my modified ‘Balanced Lug Sail’ plan with a detail for a laminated mast guide.  I used mahogany cut into 2-4 mm strips.  These strips where bent into shape and epoxy glued.  After the epoxy set I shaped each guide on the bandsaw and then sanded to final shape.   The top of each guide is dowel jointed to the mast partner and the lower guide is screwed to the center board with a center brace epoxy glued. The guide was bright finished with varnish.

Centerboard and mast guide view

Building the laminated mast guide

Shaping the mast guide

Varnished Mast Guide

Mast guide detail, dowels used to pin to mast partner

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Attaching the Stem

Now that the hull boards have been installed I am able to attach the stem to the boat.

Stem is epoxy glued and screwed to backbone

The stem is cut and shaped to the keel

Holes are drilled for the stem hook

Detail look at holes for stem hook and keel band fitting before fairing.

Application of epoxy fill for fairing

Stem has been faired and ready for primer

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