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Birthdays, Holidays, and finally a Tiller

I haven’t posted for almost 6 weeks.   I have worked on Alice Gale during this time frame but much more time was spent on a slide show for my Dad’s 80th birthday party and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.   I had a great time with family and friends during the past weeks and I couldn’t be happier.  My dad’s party was a great success and holiday meals with friends and family where outstanding.   I also got a little ski holiday in between Christmas and New Years.  Mammoth Mountain was in excellent condition with over 100 inches of snow on the ground.

Back to Alice Gale.    I finished basic work on my trailer modifications.   I ordered some custom sized u-bolts to replace the four stressed bolts in use.  I still need to wire the trailer for lights, but I will wait until I have Alice Gale already on the trailer.   It’s time now to work on the boat again after what has felt like a long lay off.

I ordered the majority of my final hardware items from Classic Marine.   These parts came in during the holidays.  The workmanship and quality of these parts are remarkable. While expensive, each part is a work of art.

I have completed work on my tiller, while also working on the rudder.

Sapele Mahogany laminated to match width of shaped tiller

Working on the rudder and tiller shape

Ready for Varnish, with end ball installed

You can also see that I have installed the 4HP Mercury outboard.  Here is the motor mount prior to installation.

Measured and cut, ready for epoxy sealing amd mounting

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Decking Details

I have completed the outboard motor well, all enclosed volumes filled with foam.

Sealing the aft floatation compartments

The bow decking has been sealed over the foam fill and the mast thwart has been cut and installed.    I also started to build the Bowspirt using scarfed 2/4 douglas fir.

Clamping oak mast thwart to fore deck

Bowsprit bitt, bowsprit, and fore deck.

Building up the bowsprit from douglas fir 2/4

I played around with the previously completed floorboards to get an idea how the boat may look when completed.     You can also see the completed aft decking and the initial fitting of the side seats.

Jumping ahead to see what she may look like finished.

As always, more sanding!


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