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Decking Details

I have completed the outboard motor well, all enclosed volumes filled with foam.

Sealing the aft floatation compartments

The bow decking has been sealed over the foam fill and the mast thwart has been cut and installed.    I also started to build the Bowspirt using scarfed 2/4 douglas fir.

Clamping oak mast thwart to fore deck

Bowsprit bitt, bowsprit, and fore deck.

Building up the bowsprit from douglas fir 2/4

I played around with the previously completed floorboards to get an idea how the boat may look when completed.     You can also see the completed aft decking and the initial fitting of the side seats.

Jumping ahead to see what she may look like finished.

As always, more sanding!


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Motor Well

Finishing up on the motor well area.   Support pieces have been added to the transom and upper rear deck to attach the cover.   The motor well has been sealed and a thick coating of epoxy put on.   Still more sanding to do, cutting of the rear decks and priming.

Adding support for deck


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