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Hull Primer Coat

I painted several primer coats on the completed hull.  I have more fairing and sanding to be completed, along with a final primer coat to come but I am a happy person at this stage of construction.

Completed hull is ready for final fairing and detail work before painting ( a bit of wide angle lens distortion, not a bulbous up front as it appears)


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Turn Over Day

This week I accomplished a major milestone.    The Ebihen was turned over for hull planking.   To get to this point of construction I have been building for four months.   I am amazed that it is looking so good based on my unknown boatbuilding abilities.   Taking my time on each phase of construction, spending an equal amount of time in planning as in construction appears to have been a good plan.

Finished primer coating and ready for turn over

Turning the boat over has been a long term thought process for me.   I wondered how I was going to do it.   My priority was to figure out a way that I could do it myself.   I had a number of volunteers who would help me, but I wanted the challenge at this stage; and I might need them latter for the next turn over after hull construction.    After reviewing a number of  U-Tube videos and chat room conversations on boat turning, I decided to make extensions to the boat that would allow me to balance the boat and spin it on it’s axis.  I  did not want to screw anything into the boat that would need removing and patching,  so I designed a clamp system using standard two by fours and 10 inch bolts.

Bow turn over clamp

Stern clamp bracket (boat has been turned over)

Clamps used for turning Ebihen

Boat hoisted from the construction frame and is ready for turning

In less then a minute the boat is flipped over

The boat flipped easily and I was able to control the rate of turn over.    I had purchased two hoists but one was defective so I used a rope on the bow after hoisting to the approximate height.  This was a bit of a problem because I did not raise the bow enough to clear the ground after turning.   I was able to simply lift the bow to the center point,but  in hindsight  I would have one hoist each for bow and stern that I could adjust as necessary.

Here are all the photo’s from the day.

And finally,  with the garage cleaned up and the Ebihen resting on its new shorter and lower construction frame.

My next agenda items will be to complete the sealing of floorboards and the purchase of plywood for the hull strakes (planks).

Ebihen now ready for planking on the shorter and lowered construction frame.


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