Midship seating and sail plan redesign.

16 Feb

I have made several modifications from the original Ebihen building plans.    A significant change occurred when I had Mr. Vivier redesign the sail plan so that I could dip the mast under a local bridge.   The sail plan has changed from a Gaff rigged sloop to a Lug Rigged Sloop.  This change will allow for simpler sail management.   The main sail has increased slightly in volume while the jib has decreased.   A 4 degree mast rack has been added to the plan.

If you are interested in this sail plan please contact  Francois Vivier. (Ebihen designer)

The original design calls for a cross seat, rowboat style (thwart), across the centerboard trunk.  I have changed the seating to side seats along the gunwale. This required several new seat pillars (knees) to be designed.    I did this redesign for personal and practical reasons, desiring better access forward and seating comfort for my sailing guests.

Side Seat design

Plywood laminates for each knee

Epoxy glue up of knee laminates

Ready for installation

Installed with screws and thickened epoxy

Added additional support

Faired as needed with epoxy fairing compound

Added rear seat support, rabbit cut

Dowel used side locker seat support

Installed support

Seat support and trim detail

Ready for primer

Ready now for paint

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