Attaching the Stem

27 May

Now that the hull boards have been installed I am able to attach the stem to the boat.

Stem is epoxy glued and screwed to backbone

The stem is cut and shaped to the keel

Holes are drilled for the stem hook

Detail look at holes for stem hook and keel band fitting before fairing.

Application of epoxy fill for fairing

Stem has been faired and ready for primer

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One response to “Attaching the Stem

  1. Craig

    June 4, 2010 at 6:15 am

    That shot of you drilling is proof positive that Vampires cannot be photographed with a DIGITAL camera! They used to think it was the silver in film that made old film photography miss vampires, but it’s obviously not the silver (no silver in digital). Doe’s you digital camera use MIRRORS? Some say you can’t see vampires in a mirror, so that might explain why I can’t see you with your digital camera!

    Your brother (still with a soul),


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