Making scarfs and cutting the planks

02 Feb

The boat has been turned over and the daunting job of scarfing 4×8 sheets of plywood together has arrived. I have thought that this would be one of the harder task of my boat building. Turns out I was wrong! The process was very straight forward, and the results, good and rather fast too.

12/1 ratio set up for scarf


I started with a hand plane (slow and difficult)

This was easy!

Using a power plane made quick work of the scarf.   I was able to do all the boards at one time at the correct ratio.    I finished off each board individually with a belt sander using 80 grit paper.    A light touch until all the plywood layers are straight made each plywood scarf accurate.

Finished work with the power planer

All eight boards on edge showing the clean scarf lines

Thickened epoxy used to join the scarf

Clamps, weights, and wedges used to hold scarfs firmly

Laying down the plank lines

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