Interior work

21 Dec

I am currently working on the interior of the boat while it is easily accessable.    I am fitting the deck planks and have starting using another new tool for me.   The jointer/planer is now getting some use as I square up the deck planks for a good fit.

Fitting the deck boards

I will be finishing the deck clear coated and wanted a light colored wood for the deck and seats.   I picked ash over the recommended choices of pine, mahogony, or douglas fir.  I like the grain and color of this wood.   It is heavier then these options, much closer to oak then pine for example.  I hope it is not a poor choice because of weight, but if I get more low weight stability with this choice I would not be un-happy.   Ash also would be a poor choice for frames or in other areas where water would accumulate due to lower resistence to rot, but my deck and seats have a lot of air space below so I don’t think this will be a problem for a boat stored on a trailer in the garage.

I also ordered and picked up my steel centerboard.   (still in my car trunk @ 90 lbs, photo later)  It has been CNC cut to the outside diameter and hot dipped galvanized.  I will still need to fair the leading edge and drill a few holes for hoisting points.    I am planning to  finish the centerboard off with a coating of graphite/epoxy.

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  1. Paula

    December 22, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Fascinating! Really.


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