More construction photo’s

12 Dec

This past week has been fun and rewarding.  Work is progressing at an enjoyable rate and I can now see the shape of the boat in 3D.    Your never sure of a design from photographs or drawings until you get a good look at the real deal.    I am very happy with the design of the boat and feel I made a good decision to build the Ebihen 15.

I have completed the assembly of the hull structure with all parts now glued with epoxy.   I verified alignment for each bulkhead as they were glued.   The transom assembly along with the motor well, side seat bulkheads, and locker floorboards have been attached.    I am now working on installing the cockpit floorboards and prep work for my first coat of interior primer.    I will complete as much of the interior work as possible before flipping the boat over for planking.

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Posted by on December 12, 2009 in Building Stage


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