Epoxy Lamination

10 Oct

I have started the backbone laminations and applying epoxy coating to all the plywood cuts.

First lamination of the backbone

First lamination of the backbone

More bulkheads ready for epoxy coating

More bulkheads ready for epoxy coating

Backbone layout

Backbone layout

I am using West System Epoxy.   West System is very well respected and is widely available in my area.   I was able to pick up a gallon of resin, both the fast and slow hardener, and several types of filler for different applications on the boat.

West System Epoxy

West System Epoxy

After applying several batches of epoxy on the frames and backbone pieces I am happy with the performance of this epoxy. The 5/1 pump metering system is very easy to use.   Simply one pump from each of the containers and the mixture is correct.   I added silica thickeners for the laminations of the backbone.    Using a serrated scraper I was able to apply a thicker coating of epoxy then I used for general sealing purposes.


Posted by on October 10, 2009 in Building Stage


2 responses to “Epoxy Lamination

  1. Chuck Digney

    April 27, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Hi Stan,
    Awesome build! I am looking into building the Beg-Meil, and I was wondering if you had any regrets about your decision to build one of Mr. Vivier’s boats. I can’t seem to make up my mind between his boat or the Navigator from John Welsford. Maybe even the Pathfinder from John, although it looks like a bib boat for my first build. I am interested in your thoughts!

    • twsg2009

      April 28, 2010 at 6:29 am

      I doubt you would be disappointed with any of the boat builds you may choose. I have no regrets with my selection because I based in on personal needs; like will it fit in the garage when finished, does it have an internal outboard location, and does it look like a real boat when finished or simply floating plywood (see my first boat photo of the Glen L-10). I also wanted a dry boat with ample freeboard. Each of the boats on your short list also made my short list. The Pathfinder had a great web site of the build but was simply too large for my garage. The Navigator and Beg-Meil did not have the internal motor design, but are great looking designs. The Ebihen 15 meets my construction and design needs and I have been very happy to date with the look of the boat and the construction process.


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